Wrong Book
Wrong Book

Wrong Book - Grigory Katsnelson & Katya Efimik

Wrong Book is the name that Grigory Katsnelson (Leningrad, 1974) and Katya Efimik (Perm, 1983) give to their artist’s books. Even though the classical form of the book with a cover and pages is the starting point for this artist duo from St. Petersburg, one might be surprised by the sometimes rough and other times tender or playful way they handle that form. Characteristic of their work is the frankness and the use of bright colors and shapes. Both artists show the history of their Russia and their St. Petersburg in an unorthodox way. They are a clear example of modern Russian art today, taking place outside of the mainstream.

Catalogue for library exhibition: WRONG BOOK Grigory Katsnelson and Katya Efimik 16/02/2020 - 01/05/2020 vanabbemuseum. Curators: Serge Stommels, Albert Lemmens Artists: Grigory Katsnelson, Katya Efimik

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Wrong Book Wrong Book

Wrong Book - Grigory Katsnelson & Katya Efimik

Author(s) Grogory Katsnelson & Katya Afimik. Stommels Serge-, Albert Lemmens
Publisher LS 2019
Details 80 p. photos/ illustrations in colour. Paperback
ISBN 9789079393282
Language Engels/English
Article no. 1611


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