Jan van Toorn 2 posters, herdruk/reprint 1971
Jan van Toorn 2 posters, herdruk/reprint 1971

Jan van Toorn, 2 affiches/posters 1971 herdruk/reprint - 1971 herdruk/reprint

44 years separate these two posters designed by Jan van Toorn. Those 44 years mark the turn of a generation; a passage of time that bridges the experimental Dutch culture of 1971 with the disparate global art scene of today. The differences in technology, society, opportunity and optimism between then and now are easy to recognise but there are also continuities, not least in the ongoing presence of the artworks themselves, still protected and unchanged within the publicly funded Van Abbemuseum collection.While the headline message of the twin posters might be found in this dramatic rise in value, there are other crucial changes over the period that are skilfully woven into the shift from the old to the new design. One major difference is in the representation of the artworks. In 1971, the works were indicated only by artist name and title. Such simplicity and reliance on literary information no longer suits our contemporary age.The most common way to receive information is now through images rather than text and Jan van Toorn has responded intelligently to this new visual literacy.

88 cm x 62cm

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Jan van Toorn 2 posters, herdruk/reprint 1971 Jan van Toorn 2 posters, herdruk/reprint 1971

Jan van Toorn, 2 affiches/posters 1971 herdruk/reprint - 1971 herdruk/reprint

As a pair, they bare witness to the passage of recent time and capture in their singularity many of the defining shifts in art and image culture over the period. For most of the 44 years that separate these two posters, art has become ever more commercial, to the point that it is sometimes hard to distinguish art from luxury products today. Jan van Toorn’s designs render this process critically, beautifully and playfully tangible. Money has reshaped the meaning of the museum collection, and the works are drifting away into a space beyond our reach. His twin images seem to me to challenge the art and political community to find a way either to anchor them back in their home base, or to let them finally float away off the page, and out of the museum collection, entirely.

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