Van Abbemuseum ensures that your details are protected when you use our services. For this reason, we have a privacy policy which states how your personal details are processed and protected. Changes in this policy are given on our website.

Personal details
We take responsibility for all the personal details that you give us, whether it relates to your account or the products purchased by you. This may be information such as your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. These details are kept within our organisation and stored as prescribed by Dutch law. You have a right to inspect, correct or delete the personal details provided by you. Contact our Customer Service to do so.

Which details do we keep?
When you visit our website we keep:

  • your e-mail address if you tell us it, when, for example, ordering, but not when you simply visit our webpage
  • all information regarding the pages that you visited on our website
  • all information that you provide voluntarily

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your PC and accessed by your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) when opening an internet page. The maker of a cookie determines what he sees in the cookie. If a user does not enter any personal details on a visited website, the cookie cannot record this information.

Both Kunstkaartjesturen and other parties can place these cookies. These files record actions performed on a website and some information regarding the visit. A cookie may be intended to remember the login name and the products in the shopping basket.

Cookies can be used to ensure that you are not repeatedly sent or must enter the same information when you visit our webshop. On this website, we use cookies to register information sessions, such as information on products that you add to your shopping list. 

You can easily delete cookies via your browser. Go to “Help” in your browser for instructions on settings for cookies and deleting cookies. You can choose to disable cookies or you can indicate that you want a message every time a new cookie is sent to your computer. If you disable cookies, you can still use our website, but it is possible that certain services or elements of our website no longer function optimally. Not accepting cookies limits the use of our website and services.

What do we use your details for
We will use your personal details for the following purposes:

  • providing and invoicing our services
  • processing your order and information on the progress thereof
  • sending information on products and services of Kunstkaartjesturen

How do we protect your details
We have taken both technical and organisational measures to protect your details against loss, manipulation, unauthorised access, etc. We improve our security measures continuously through technical advances and developments. At Kunstkaartjesturen we protect your details using encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a technology that encrypts all information that is sent between the buyer and the seller.

Credit card payments
To make credit card payments to us as secure as possible all information is sent in encrypted form using SSL. This means that the information is sent through a secured connection and that your credit card details cannot be seen by external parties.

For credit card payments, we work together with an authorised payment partner which checks with the bank directly whether the credit card is valid for payment. Our payment partner processes your credit card details in the proper way as laid down in the international security standard (PCI DSS), which was designed by the credit card organisations, VISA, MasterCard, Diners and American Express. This means that your credit card details are processed according to the highest security standard. If you pay with a credit card, we reserve the right to perform an identity check.

Inspection and updating/correcting your details
On request, we grant access to the visitors of our website who wish to view the information that we keep on them. If you wish to access this information, please contact our customer service. We also offer visitors of our website the opportunity to correct this information if it is incorrect, also on request. If you wish to update/correct your personal details, you can also do this by logging into your account.

Change account > (also to change your e-mail address)

Change of address
Informing us of a change of address is mandatory. Until we receive any address change, you will be deemed resident at the address last known to us and you will remain liable for ordered items delivered to the old address.

Change in Privacy Policy
This privacy statement can be changed. Changes will be announced on this page.